Our Solutions

We provide customized solutions to our customers for electronics and circuit development, IoT, and customized UV modules.

Our Solutions Include -

Electronics and Circuit Development

We are a team of expert engineers who can create and test electronic circuits and devices for any purpose…


Our IoT solutions can help you harness the power of data connectivity, cloud computing, analytics, machine learning…

Customized UV Modules

We offer UV-C LED modules for various solutions such as disinfection, curing, sensing, and analysis…

UV-C Lamps Vs. UV-C LEDs

UVC LED and UVC lamps are devices that emit UV light in the UVC range, which is the most effective for disinfection…

UV Curing

UV Curing technology revolutionizes manufacturing processes by providing rapid and efficient curing…


Photocatalysis, when combined with the exceptional properties of titanium dioxide (TiO2), unlocks a realm of sustainable and eco-friendly applications.