About Svaras

Svaras started in 2019, as an initiative owing to the need felt to take collective responsibility to improve the hygiene of our public places during & post Covid-19, by a group of IITians. In just three years this initiative became one of India’s largest UV products and solutions companies. Today we are a team of engineers and Opto scientists dedicated to making UV solutions for the future.

Svaras delivers economical turnkey UV products and solutions by utilizing its knowledge base and leveraging capabilities of its strategic industry partners and affiliated technical institutes.

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Svaras acts as a One Stop Ultraviolet (UVA,UVB & UVC) Solution Provider, so that our business partners & clients have access to the latest technology at best possible prices..

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At Svaras, we are constantly developing cutting-edge UV sterilization and sanitation technologies and solutions for industries the world over.

We take immense pride in our “Made in India, for the World” approach, delivering world-class, research-backed, efficient, and reliable products.


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