TCL to launch new range of ACs with UVC sterilization

Electronics brand,TCL, is set to expand its product portfolio in India with the launch of a new range of ACs.
The company’s will come with UVC sterilization feature which is said to instantly eliminate bacteria ‘by killing their protein and DNA’.

The AC will be equipped with a filter system and have a bacteria eliminating rate of over 98.66%. TCL says that the device will come with a robust cooling and heating system.

TCL’s new AC will come with a self-cleaning and sterilisation option, which also acts as an additional security feature. The ACs will have an increased assembly efficiency of up to 12.5%.

On the design front, the ACs will come with an easily detachable bottom plate and are easy to install. For maintenance, the machines will offer quick replacement of PCB and convenient leakage check.

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