This Brand Says Its Air Purifier Is 99% Effective At Warding Off Viruses (Including Covid)

EnviroKlenz says testing has shown that its air purifier can filter out pathogens 1/4 the size of the SARS-CoV-2 virus – a.k.a. the virus that causes Covid-19

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For years, air purifiers were seen as a “nice to have” addition to the home, but not really an essential device, unless you lived in smokey environments or were maybe prone to allergies. But the rise of Covid has changed all that, and air purifiers have quickly become a must-have item when it comes to keeping the air in your space clean and virus-free.

The best air purifier brands have doubled down on their technology in recent months too, with powerful units that can now capture and destroy harmful bacteria, including, some brands say, the Covid-19 virus.

One of these brands is EnviroKlenz, whose Air System Plus Air Purifier is said to be 99.9% effective in helping to ward off viruses. Using a premium HEPA filtration system, germicidal UVC rays and “advanced chemistry technology” (more on that later), EnviroKlenz says its testing has shown that its mid-sized air purifier can essentially filter out pathogens that are about 1/4 the size of the SARS-CoV-2 virus — a.k.a. the virus that causes Covid-19.

“When EnviroKlenz decided to commission third-party testing, we did so under the FDA guidance of what they consider a surrogate or more challenging virus to remove phi-X174 — a virus about ¼ the size of Covid-19 and Influenza particles,” explains George Negron, VP of Customer Relations and Operations at EnviroKlenz. “Our third-party testing showed 99.9% removal in under two hours.”

How Does the EnviroKlenz Air Purifier Work?

In addition to the phi-X174 virus (which the FDA has essentially dubbed as a “surrogate virus” for Covid) EnviroKlenz says testing was also conducted against Staphylococcus epidermidis (bacteria) and E. coli (bacteria), with results showing a 99.9% reduction rate for all three pathogens. EnviroKlenz says its air purifier was also able to effectively capture and filter droplets in the air, which is how the Covid-19 virus is often transmitted.

We tested the EnviroKlenz Air System Plus in our house (roughly 2000 square feet) and it made a noticeable difference in air quality. The air felt less stagnant and stuffy, and our allergies improved too (we have a cat, and the air purifier was able to effectively capture and reduce allergies and pet dander so our throats were less dry and eyes less watery).

The air purifier works through a high-end HEPA filter, which is a “high-efficiency particulate air” filter. Essentially, it’s a super-fine mesh filter that captures and traps dust, pollen, mold and other potentially harmful particles in the air. The EnviroKlenz Air Purifier also has a military-grade air cartridge, that the company says works to remove and destroy toxic and noxious odors, chemicals, and pathogens. The company’s “NanoActive” technology neutralizes the chemicals and odors, by breaking down harmful chemical compounds until they’re rendered inactive. EnviroKlenz says this technology “has been tested and certified for a broad array of chemical pollution mitigation including the highly toxic chemical warfare agents.”

What really sets the Air System Plus apart from other air purifiers on the market though, is the use of two nine-watt bulbs, which use the power of UV-C light for additional germ-killing power. EnviroKlenz says its UV-C system also helps to clean out the system internally.

The industrial-looking unit isn’t as attractive as some of the other top air purifiers on the market, but it was smaller and less intrusive than it looked in photos, tucking in easily in the corner of our living room. The four-speed blower was also surprisingly quiet, and even at the highest speed settings, the air purifier was no louder than an electric fan. Everything set up in minutes and the front-facing control panel is super easy to use and monitor.

EnviroKlenz Air Purifier Review: Is It Worth It?

Of course, there are no guarantees that the Air System Plus can fully eliminate the coronavirus, but the EnviroKlenz air purifier definitely helped with peace of mind to have the unit turned on while we were at home. We were breathing better and had less aggravations with stale or “dirty” air.

Negron says sales at EnviroKlenz are “up nearly 400% year over year” as people across the country look for ways to keep their homes safe, while preventing the spread of the coronavirus. “The CDC and EPA both state that the use of an air purifier is designed to reduce the risk of airborne transmission,” he says. “While it cannot guarantee that you will not get Covid-19, it can however provide you with air exchanged that can help greatly reduce the risk of airborne viral particles and transmission in an enclosed air space.”

And while Covid fears continue to dominate the discussion these days, Negron says there’s a long-term benefit to having an air purifier post-pandemic as well, as a way for people to control their indoor air environment.

“I believe that the drive to purchase air purifiers was more of a heightened awareness or – if I may – a hyperawareness of all the terrible things that can become airborne,” Negron says. “We pay close attention to what is in our water, the foods we eat, but never really thought about what could potentially be airborne. The pandemic has shown us that it is better to be prepared now for any of the unknowns.”

“I believe one big misconception is that people think they should only be running an air system if there is a negative threat leading to poor air quality (I.e. wild fire smoke or mold mitigation),” he continues. “Air systems should run routinely to help filter and provide clean air. We should view and treat our indoor air routinely, just like we take vitamins, and [use it as] a proactive measure to help our immune system and not wait until we are sick.”


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